About Bloom Bazzar

Some of my earliest memories were of my mom sewing clothes, sketching flowers on a pad by a phone as she spoke, and folding roses from pink strips of fabric. Growing up in Houston in my mom’s hair salon, I spent hours looking through fashion magazines. It struck me how powerful it was that clothes told a story historically, politically, and personally.

In 2006 I moved to New York to pursue fashion. After graduating from FIT in 2008, I immediately started working at a beading and embroidery house. Designing embellishments perfectly combined elements of sculpture, collage, and detailed couture work that I so loved. It also meant that I was able to create beadwork for many designers, including  Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang. 

Going a step further, in 2010 I created Bloom Bazaar. I dreamt of Bloom Bazaar being a place to discover the unexpected, whimsical, and ethereal; a magical bazaar filled with rare and lovely finds. The Bloom Bazaar line is inspired by vintage heirlooms, couture techniques, and beautiful florals. Things have come full circle, and when I come home to visit I find my mom still making flowers. Together we make each and every piece by hand, me out of my studio in New York, and she out of her salon in Houston.